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ArtLumen also builds premier web applications. Since 2012, we have been creating quality web applications. We are routinely acquiring new insights into what makes a perfect web application. We have been trying to achieve objectives laid out by our customers in a most efficient and user-friendly manner.

Our web application development involves many stages that include a high-level strategy, accurate planning, business consulting, required research, programming, testing and training. We believe, a designed business logic in the code is the operating engine of a web system. Clear programming code is required for a perfect performance of the software. At the same time, it has to have long lasting dedicated website performance for the success of your business. Generally, all sites are built to accommodate all the major search engines which allow and effective and efficient crawling experience of web pages to the users.

Our Website Development Services include:

PHP Solutions – A popular, open-source programming language makes for great flexibility and is the most widely compatible development platform. Our experienced PHP coders are proficient in handling programming and development services. We can offer vivid range of web development solutions in PHP without compromising on quality. Some of our latest projects are successfully developed and delivered using the latest version of PHP ie, the 5.6 and CodeIgniter 2.2

ASP.NET solutions - We have an in-house team of experts in ASP.NET and C# developers that have a proven ability to handle complex .NET programming projects. Our .NET solutions are aligned with the latest technology trends and development frameworks that guarantee a great user experience, reliability and security while catering to business requirements.

HTML Solutions- The use of HTML5 with supporting technologies like CSS3, Bootstrap empowers web and mobile solutions resulting in better user experience and performance. We Provide the most innovative HTML5 development and consulting services. We have extensive experience with creating high performing, feature-packed HTML5-based web and mobile experiences. Our Expert HTML5 developers can create an application that will meet your specific business, industry , personal needs etc..

At ArtLumen, we offer services related to every form of web design, from website creation across various platforms, to database development and creative solutions. ArtLumen has a dedicated long term web application management team and we document all process well and maintain high standards so that the code is easily managed and upgrade in the future.